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Music this is Pannell County Sheriff's Office sergeant Mark Miller in action he runs the Pinal County ghost squad which takes down the most violent criminals and gang members off the streets the ones that we go after gang and habitual offenders these are the people that just continue to commit crimes in our area ghost stands for gang and habitual offenders strike team it's a seven-member crew formed a year ago their job is to track down the worst of the worst and take the burden off the patrol deputies who are busy responding to other calls in the county we received the information that he may be at a trailer in in the city of Casa Grande today their days started bright and early the first task is targeting an individual who's wanted on a felony warrants for aggravated robbery where several weapons were stolen comer says the suspect is well-known to law enforcement we already got in a pretty public foot pursuit with him once before and caught him and arrested him and booked him in he was subsequently released based on his initial appearance so now he's on the street and now he has another felony warrant referenced the very same charges when deputies arrived they quickly surrounded the house and knocked on the front door they shut the door now and we're told by the suspects father that he wasn't inside however after several hours of discussion deputies were given permission to check for themselves and no luck he has a felony warrant okay so now you know that I know you know that okay so now if you talk to him and I find out you talk to him I'm gonna take you to jail too the team then headed just a couple of miles north to a mobile home park in Casa Grande looking for a man wanted on a felony warrants for aggravated domestic violence they were greeted by a woman who claims the suspect wasn't inside and hasn't been for several months another failed attempt to make an arrest or direct contact with a suspect but not necessarily unsuccessful sergeant Miller says even if they don't find the person they're looking for the footwork serves a purpose what we're trying to do is in an area as large as Pinal County or as large as the state of Arizona an individual that's hiding out from law enforcement can pretty much go anywhere they want as long as they have a place to lay their head at night through friends family acquaintances anything there's it's a vast area we try to narrow down the most likely places where these individuals may be and although no arrests were made today Miller and the ghost squad know it's better to be proactive in order to keep their community safe each house that we knock on each door that we knock on each apartment we go to each place the business each person we talked to we closed that area off and in our attempts to limit the amount of places where somebody who is on the run feels comfortable I'm Carlos I read RK gun 9 on your side